Trump ‘pleased that Democrats have come to their senses’ on shutdown Video

  • Now Playing: Who’s to blame for the government shutdown?

  • Now Playing: Trump ‘pleased that Democrats have come to their senses’ on shutdown

  • Now Playing: Senate reaches deal to end shutdown

  • Now Playing: Trump ad calls Democrats ‘complicit’

  • Now Playing: Pence says US embassy in Jerusalem ‘will open before the end of next year’

  • Now Playing: Governor resists calls to resign amid sex scandal

  • Now Playing: WH press secretary reacts to 3rd day of government shutdown

  • Now Playing: White House blames Democrats for shutdown

  • Now Playing: Shutdown continues after late Senate vote falls short

  • Now Playing: Government shutdown enters day 3

  • Now Playing: Weekend Rewind: Government shutdown

  • Now Playing: Thousands more join the Power to the Polls protests across the U.S.

  • Now Playing: Sources say Trump came close to striking a deal with Democrats the border wall

  • Now Playing: The government shutdown goes on to Day 2

  • Now Playing: Matthew Dowd: Shutdown ‘complete abject failure in moral and any kind of inspirational leadership’

  • Now Playing: Government shutdown comes on anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration

  • Now Playing: Trump willing to support legal status for ‘Dreamers’ in exchange for border wall: White House sources

  • Now Playing: Freedom Caucus Chair: Democrats holding military ‘hostage’ with government shutdown

  • Now Playing: House Democrat: Pay the ‘hostage takers’ for the border wall to protect ‘Dreamers’

  • Now Playing: Democratic Whip: ‘We can resolve this (shutdown) quickly’ if Trump and leaders sit down

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