Jessica Biel and Woman Care Global CEO discuss new sex ed campaign on ‘GMA’ Video

Transcript for Jessica Biel and Woman Care Global CEO discuss new sex ed campaign on ‘GMA’

An advocate for women’s reproductive health. Just teamed up with women care global to start the tryst network. The CEO of woman care global, Saundra pelletier is with us, too. Please women them both. I want to talk a th. Saw you at the super bowl. J.T. How much fun was that? I’m sorry. It’s so much fun. The energy in the stadium like that is just incredible. Yeah, it’s electric. He brought it. He brought it. Thank you, I agree. And you’re bringing with this initiative. Which we were just talking about in the commercial break. I came from a great family. But did not want to talk about certain issues. And I know you both have young children. When should you start the discussion? Well, I mean, this is a — it’s for every family to make that decision pip feel like it starts at a young age when you can talk about your bodies and talk about what your body parts are called technically, without shame. And without fear. And, we do that in my household. We also talk about, you know, I respect your body. You respect my body. And that’s very important. Having boundaries. And limitations about that. And, so for my family, we start very early. How about for you? We both have sons. I’m very mindful that, you know, it’s important not to be so permissive. As mothers of boys, it’s critical to talk to them about respect. And to help them understand the difference between men and women. My son jokes with his friends. Be careful what you say around my mama. You know, she’s a feminist. Boys get ideas, if a woman wears certain things, that might mean something. I said, well, he must think that because he wears sports Jerseys every day. Think so it’s important for moms to really intervene. And to also talk about body parts accurately. To talk about respect. To create connective relationships. You said, Jessica, that when you started having a family, that there was some things that you were unaware of. Absolutely. I mean, yes, we all know how to have a family. But, it’s not as easy as we think it is anymore. Sometimes it takes a long time to become pregnant. That’s what I was surprised about with myself. My own knowledge. Or mis — misinformation about my own body. That’s where this kind of — this idea started for me. I said, well, if I don’t know, does anybody else not know? And then my friends, we were talking about. They didn’t know. And their friends didn’t know. And our moms were asking questions. There’s a lot of things that, think, what we were saying is you don’t really learn all that much about it when you’re a young kid. And then it’s like, sex Ed is over. And you’re sort of like slapped on the back like, good luck. And it’s a lot of pressure. So get them at a younger age. What are you finding for women that they’re saying, oh, my gosh, didn’t realize this is this or I didn’t realize that? Think the biggest thing for us is because we want the tryst network to be sex positive and body positive, women are saying, look, the it’s so challenging because women manage their fertility for decades. We start with periods. Figuring out how not to get pregnant. Then when to get pregnant. If we’re going space our pregnancies. The idea that one size doesn’t fit all the. You need to listen to your body. How are you going to do that if you don’t know how your body works? Women want to understand how their body works for them. So that they can respond to it and know when things change. I love that. For them. What does tryst stand for? It’s technically a consensual meeting place. Think that’s the idea that we wanted to put out there that, this is also, you know, a positive — But provocative. We wanted to it be on purpose. We wanted to spark your interest. At this time when things are so serious. Time’s up. We wanted to say that everything for women is so serious. We also think it’s important to be serious. But we want something fun. Too. The video, humor. It’s so important. So important. A wonderful community there. That hapts this is all about. The community. Absolutely. It’s about bringing men into the conversation. We’re all in in together. If we can take the shame away. And if women can be empowered and confident. And make decisions about when to have a family, if they have family, when they spread out their kids, that, like, goes out to the community and changes the world. Jessica, Saundra, thank you,

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