Trump requests Pentagon plan big military parade Video

  • Now Playing: Trump requests Pentagon plan big military parade

  • Now Playing: Gen. Kelly: Democrats’ memo ‘not as clean’ as GOP version

  • Now Playing: WH chief of staff defends comment on people not signing up for DACA

  • Now Playing: President Trump says he wants tougher immigration restrictions or else

  • Now Playing: Sanders blames Democrats as Trump says he would ‘love to see a shutdown’

  • Now Playing: Senators respond to Trump’s ‘treason’ accusation

  • Now Playing: Trump: ‘I’d love to see a shutdown’ if immigration loopholes aren’t closed

  • Now Playing: Will Trump own the market drop?

  • Now Playing: Pence opens door to North Korea meeting

  • Now Playing: Man at center of GOP memo controversy speaks out

  • Now Playing: Trump’s lawyers oppose special counsel interview: Sources

  • Now Playing: Bannon expected to skip House Intel testimony, sources say

  • Now Playing: Trump blasts some Democrats’ behavior during his State of the Union

  • Now Playing: House Intel Committee votes to release classified Democratic memo

  • Now Playing: Trump slams Democrats for SOTU reaction: ‘Treasonous,’ ‘un-American’

  • Now Playing: Trump targets a top Dem amid push for counter memo

  • Now Playing: What was the impact of releasing the Nunes memo?

  • Now Playing: Who is Jerome Powell?

  • Now Playing: Trump claims GOP memo ‘totally vindicates’ him

  • Now Playing: Weekend Rewind: Trump declassifies GOP memo

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